Yusuf Tuvi, AFIAP

IFOD Honorary Member


Born in Izmir 1938, Yusuf Tuvi is among the well-known photographers in Turkey.

In 1960, he graduated from Istanbul Technical University as an electrical engineer.

In 1974, with his dedication to art and the will to express his feelings, he started photography with a great passion.

Throughout the years, he has been awarded and his photographs have been exhibited in various international competitions.

In 1983, he was granted the title “AFIAP: Artist of FIAP”, by the International Federation of Photographic Art, which is given to successful photographers.

He mostly works on diapositives and his slide presentations on the trips he made both within Turkey and abroad has received good reviews and continue to gather interest.

In addition, Tuvi has a slide show about Turkey titled “Our Land Our People” prepared for the foreign travel agencies.

His assignments in Turkey and abroad continue to be published in the Turkey’s leading travel magazine Atlas, in addition to other publications.

He has a wide variety of slide archive on countries and cities such as; Turkey (Istanbul and Anatolian historical sites and fascinating places), Thailand, Egypt, Morocco, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan, Scotland, Hungary, Kenya, United States, Hawaii, New York, San Francisco, Prague, Paris, Venice, Petra, US National Parks, Israel, Greek Islands, China.
A collection of his work on New York City, has been published in a book titled “New York”.

In addition to various publishers, Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture is currently benefiting from his work for the purpose of introducing Turkey to the world.

Recently four of his works has been accepted to the collection of MODERN ISTANBUL MUSEUM.

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