Assc. Prof. Dr. Osman Ürper

(Maltepe University)

Osman Ürper was born in 1971 at Kırkağaç. He graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Economics, and later had his masters degree from the Photography Branch of Marmara University Institute of Arts. His doctors degree is form the Advertisement Branch of Marmara University Faculty of Social Sciences . Currently, he is working as a teacher at the Photography Branch of Marmara University-School of Arts. As well as being a jury in many contests of photography, He also has participations in many panels and seminars.

Osman Ürper is a member of the Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey, in which he also worked as a member of the Board of Directors between 1995-1997. He organized many exhibitioıns, panels, and shows at the Maltepe University, as well as at the Galery of Arts and Communications which is located within the Faculty of Communications at Gazi University. He worked at the organization comitees of the 3rd and 4th Photography Days of Ankara, organized by Photographic Arts Federation. Urper also participated in the organization commitee of the 1st International Photography Bienal of İstanbul, and worked as an editor of “fotografya.net”, one of the first internet publications of Turkey. He has been the president of the Underwater Imaging Festival of Marmara. He prepared a program named “Lightroom”, for television and a historical photography strip for the Museum of Photography in Istanbul . He has researches and prints on the photographic history of Turkey.

He has a published book called “Advertisement Photography at the Age of Digital Technology”. He participated in many exhibitions, as well as his portfolios named “ Colors of Anatolia”, “About Dance”, “Nefis & Nefs”, “ Backface” have been exhibited in many art festivals and in many art and cultural centers of different cities.

osmanurper_photo© Osman Ürper