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Hasan Yelken

(Photo Artist)


His main profession is dentistry. Beauty that he saw while visiting around was a good reason to start photography. He was a member of Gaziantep Photographic Arts Association (GAFSAD) in 1995. He is already head of GAFSAD. He was Chairman of the Board of GAFSAD between 1998 and 2006.In the past he gave basic photography lessons and archaeological photography at Gaziantep University.  He has a book which is named as “Gaziantep Çiçekleri”. He writes travel writings about the region which are published in magazines and newspaper in Gaziantep. After starting the photo he began to be more sensitive towards the environment. In the context of examining more carefully the nature and the environment of Gaziantep, he makes documentary and photography of Gaziantep.  He believes that photographer has an important role to witness and document the society which is in a rapid changing.

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