Gabriel Brau Gelabert, EFIAP




Gabriel BRAU GELABERT was born in Cardedeu (Spain) in December, 1957.

He’s a professional photographer since 1989 and he works in advertising and documentary photography. He also currently works as a photography teacher.

He’s the author of both books: “Lights of Africa”, “El tratamiento en blanco y negro del archivo digital” and “De la captura de imagen a la impresión fotográfica, una guía para fotógrafos digitales” published by Artual Ediciones.

He was honoured by the Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique, with the “EFIAP” distinction and he got in 2007 the National Prize of Photography by the C.E.F.

He participated in a lot of national and international exhibitions and his works are represented by the ALONSO VIDAL GALLERY, in Barcelona.

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