Faik Kaplan

(Photo Artist)


I was born on June 18th, 1953 in Konya. I’m interested in amateur photography for nearly 15 years. Photography is a passion for me. My first personal project was ‘Children brides’, ‘Until death separates us’ consists of 15 photographs and a short movie.

Under the subheading ‘Until death separates us’ from ” Children brides project” was conducted about 40 presentations and discussions in public and legal institutions. My short movie ‘Butterfly’ was presented by way of study by Black grape purple – Women Solidarity Association (Mor Salkım Kadın association in Turkish) with the daughters and their parents in Bursa thus to create awareness.

A Photography exhibiton was held by the European Union representatives of the Ministry of Integration in Hessen city, Germany. “Children brides “, ‘Until death separates us’ projects’ photos were presented to Fulya Municipality employees in Hessen, Germany.

Black grape purple – Women Solidarity Association has presented “Children Bride” movie and photos to guests in Salento University in Lecce, Italy, several interviews were carried out with young people as well. Photo exhibitions and film screenings were scheduled to be held in Italy Metic Lecce ‘and’ Woman house ‘from women’s organizations and are carried out preparatory work in cooperation with the University of Salento.

My new projects in progress,  will be dedicated to “Physically disabled” poeple. I called it ”Engeliz”(Litteraly means “we’re disabled”), I use the language of “objects of empathy” as well as a short film and documentary work, it will finish in 3 stages.

Faik Kaplan© Faik Kaplan