Abdurrahman Antakyalı

President of Depo Photos Agency

He was born in İskenderun, Turkey. He completed his education at Gazi Unıversity- Faculty of Press and Journalism, Communications Branch. Starting his career as a photo journalist working for Anadolu Agency, he travelled all around the following many social and political events, wars, sports activities,etc.

Between 1999-2003, he worked as the president of the Photo Journalists Association. In 2003, he prepared a web site named www.fotomuhabiri.com, which became a portal for press photography.

Currently he is giving lectures of press photography in the Faculties of Communication at Ankara and Gazi Universities. As joining seminars, photography conferences, and panels all over Turkey he is also sharing his experiences on press photography through writing. He won many national and international prizes on press photography.

Working 23 years as a photo journalist and editor, Antakyalı left Anadolu Agency in 2012. Now he is the president of the Photography Agency of Depo Photos.

abdurahman antakyali
© Abdurrahman Antakyalı