The third İzmir International Photography Days is starting with the collaboration of İzmir Art of Photography Society (İFOD) and Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Photography (DEÜ GSF).

We are once again taking off to bring together about 60 artists and scholars from Turkey and around the world to discuss the developments in the art of photography both at national and international levels; to introduce new techniques of expression from academic and scientific perspectives; and to gather the audience around the common value of art by means of cultural exchange by the representatives of various countries through the universal language of art.

Our society holds the responsibility to create the platform where individuals use the art of photography for expression of creativity; share  and improve their products; and present them to society by means of the intellectual, artistic and social media developed therein and as such to contribute to the nourishment of the culture of society. With its motto, “İzmir Meets Photography”, the collaboration between İFOD and DEÜ GSF, a distinguished, competent academic institution with unique artistic and scholar works, is a highly strong asset of this organization with which we will be embracing our participants and audience.

In this big gathering we are hosting about 60 artists and scholars from 13 different countries; holding 22 different photography exhibitions, 3 conferences, 2 panels, 25 photographic presentations with subsequent discussion sessions, 1 workshop and 1 technical photo shooting trip.

We are delighted to invite the meritorious art-lover people of our enlightened and modern city to meet photography during 22 – 31 October 2015.  With the hope of embracing many more future gatherings full of photography…

Asst. Prof. Dr.  A.Beyhan Özdemir
3rd İzmir International Photography Days
President of the Organization Committee