International Photography Days of Izmir is being organized every two years, in the city of Izmir, Turkey.

Photographers and academicians from all over the world and Turkey are gathered together to communicate in the language of art, analyse the new techniques in the world of photography, and to present art and photography as an international language between cultures and countries.

Within this concept,

21 Photography exhibitions

5 conferences

2 Panels

25 Photography Shows and Discussions

1 Workshop

1 Technical  Photography Trip

Will be held in 8 different locations with over a hundred photographs.


Each artist that will participate in this organization will share her/his own artistic taste, knowledge and approach. They wil photograph Izmir and its surroundings. And on their way back to their countries, they will be eager to be the volunteer cultural ambassadors of our country through the language of photography.


Within this organization, 60 artist an academicians from 12 different countries will form a joint venture. The goal of this project is:

  • To present Izmir and our country within the context of photography as art.
  • To profit from the knowledge and experiences of different artists and academicians of different cultures.
  • To share within the context of art as a way of international language.
  • To introduce world photography through panels, exhibitions,, presentations, and conversations.
  • To document our cultural heritage by photographing the ancient city of Pergamon which is also in the Unesco World Heritage list.
  • To help world photographers contribute to being the cultural ambassadors of our country.