Mohammad Zubair

Pakistan – Foto& Video Muhabiri 

Full Name: MOHAMMAD Zubair

Date of Birth: 17 June 1963

Nationality: Pakistani (Permanent resident of Japan)

Educational Qualification: Graduate, (Bachelor of Arts) University of Karachi (Pakistan)

Journalistic Education: Two Year Extensive Video Journalism Training in Asia Press

Profession: Photo/Video Journalist, Director Asia Vision International Japan

Lecturer: Daitobunka University Japan

Based in Tokyo, Japan for over 25 years.

Language with fluency: English, Urdu, Japanese.

Asia Press International, Japan 1990-1998

Asia Vision International, Japan 1998-2015

Covered Taliban and Afghan War since 1998 to 203

Covered Iraq since 1998 to 2005, including War.

Covering Islam in Japan since 1989

Produced number of Video News and documentaries for mainstream Japanese media such as NHK, TV Asahi and BS11.

Author: Tonari No Gaikoujin (Foreigners Next Door)

Lecturer: Daito Bunka University Japan

Pakistan Association of Photo Journalists

Japan National Press Center

Asia Press Network (Advise for South Asian affairs)

Permanent address in Japan: Tama-Shi, Toyogaoka, 6-1-3 # 407, Tokyo. 206-0031



Mobile phone: +81-9080222433

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