23 October 2015 Friday / 13:30 / DEU Sabanci Culture Center


The art of photography is an art which was already reached its own maturity long time ago. Its visuality is the modernity criterion in itself. Since factuality is in need of visuality ever increasingly, the importance of photography has been increased within the world of art as much as it is in daily life.Same is valid for modern art as well. All that’s left after all modern art activities is photographs. Despite photographs are objective in itself, they are the best expressive tools for subjective reality as well. From this point of view, we could say that the relations between the photography and the modern art are very inspiring.



24 Ocotber 2015 Saturday / 15:30 / DEU Sabanci Culture Center


As the most important element of print media and mass media, photographs are effective to get the picture of what is going around and farther to draw attention to the negativities those should be corrected. İt is a necessity that journalism as a profession should be consolidated with visual elements, firstly photographs since therefore a newscat is a document and there is a need for receiving appreciation
of the readers. A photograph ,which is used to leave a historical document behind, to promote the sales, to set the agenda, to persuade and to provocate, simply because of these reasons can be manipulated. As the photography is employed by the mass media epidemically, the reliability of the photography which has been a topic of discussion in the debates regarding its factuality and philosophy since its beginning to today it becomes a current issue more frequent compared to its past as of digital technology especially during the transition to digital photography.