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Yusuf Tuvi

Guest of Honour

//Yusuf Tuvi
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He was born in İzmir in 1938.

He graduated from the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Faculty of Istanbul Technical University in 1960.

He took up photography in 1974.

In 1983, he was awarded the title of AFIAP by FIAP (The International Federation of Photographic Art).

His photographs were featured in the exhibitions Kazlıçeşme (1986), Surlar (1986) and Birikimler (1989), and also in the books named Birikimler, which were all coordinated by the FOG Group he founded together with his colleagues, Nevzat Çakır, İlyas Göçmen, İzzet Keribar, Mehmet Kısmet and Bülent Özgören in 1984.

Four of his photographs were included and exhibited in the collection of the Istanbul Modern Art Museum.

His photo-documentary named Basmane and Hotels Street, a year’s work, which he prepared together with the photographer Birol Üzmez, was made into an exhibition. In 2012, he was given the award of  Contribution in the Conservation of Historical, Environmental and Cultural Assets by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.

His works have been featured in many personal exhibitions, magazines and almanacs, and also in a book entitled New York.

Yusuf Tuvi’s retrospective including his photographs of nearly forty years, from 1980’s onwards, was exhibited in Izmir, in 2016 and one year later in Istanbul. The book of the exhibition, A Life Adventure Through The Lens was published.

He is a member of Istanbul IFSAK and Izmir IFOD photography foundations.