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Virgilio Bardossi

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Virgilio Bardossi

He was born in Fiesole (Florence) Italy. In 1973 he purchased his first reflex camera. He prefers to work with B/W films. His preferred theme is reportage; he is also interested in getting into close contact with the people the photographs. He received several prizes and anonymous consent in various international photographic contests.

Awards: First prize FIAP (Les enfants du monde)

  • 3 World Cups,
  • 2 first prizes,
  • 1 second prize
  • 1 H.M.

in the FIAP World Cup for nations.

He has been awarded prizes in three different Nikon Contest editions. He has published folders (numbered, signed and printed in limited edition) with his work: “Portraits: Maramures at the end of Millenium” at the FIAP congress in Prato-Italy and “The World of Maramures” at the FIAP congress in Budapest (2004).

His last work judged to be the best of Congress, earned him the title of Maître FIAP.

In 2006 the FIAP granted him the EFIAP/Platinum. In the whole world, photographers possessing both these two photographic honors Maître FIAP and EFIAP/Platinum can be counted on one hand. His last work has been the book “High Water to Venice”, the only book to describe the phenomenon of the high water.