Özcan Yurdalan

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Özcan Yurdalan

Özcan Yurdalan was born in 1955. He was among the founders of AFSAD in 1977. Between 1990 and 2010 he went on expeditions within the Asian cultural geography. In 1999 he became one of the initiators of the Project “Photographer Children”. In 2003 and 2004; he was among the founders of Nar Photos Collective and the Photography Foundation, respectively.

Among his published works there are seven travel books, a book on the theory of documentary photography, a book of travel essays and a book based on the experiences of the photographers during Gezi Protests. He has been a participant in many group exhibitions and photography projects.

He organizes and conducts workshops on documentary photography and photoreporting, seminars for guiding children on photography and, also, seminars on travel literature. His articles and works of photography are published in a variety of media.

He keeps going on long expeditions.