Osman Ürper

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Osman Ürper

Osman Ürper was born in Kırkağaç, Manisa, in 1971. Having started his career in photography in 1992, Ürper is member of the Photographic Arts of Society where he acted as a member of the management board between 1995-1997. He participated in several seminars, interviews and panels on photography as a speaker and was the editor-in-chief of fotografya.net, one of the first online journals in Turkish. He produced a television programme called ‘Light Room’ for a Technology TV channel. He has two published books, Advertising Photography in the Age of Digital Technology (2012) and Dance with Photographs (2018).

Ürper has a wide range of interests in photography ranging from performance arts to underwater, nature, human portraits, traditional life and culture. His photographs were exhibited several times, including his personal exhibitions such as “The Backside”, “Nefis/Nefs”, “Colours of Anatolia”, “On Dance” “301” and “Face to Face”. He presently works in the Department of Photography at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Marmara University.