H.Irmak Soldamlı

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H. Irmak Soydanlı

H. Irmak Soldamlı was born in 1970, in Ankara. She is a mother to a son.

She graduated from Hacettepe University Vocational School of Health Services, Medical Laboratory Techniques; İstanbul University Faculty of Health Science (Bachelor) and Anadolu University Department of Photography and Camera Operation.

Soldamlı works as a cytotechnologist; a specialist on scanning with microscope at cell level. She is a member of AFSAD (Ankara Photography Artists Society). She led the Photography Project: Algı (Perception) (Matchings between photos of nature and the micro world), the Project: Stance of Women (a workshop); worked as a member of the editorial board of Kontrast Magazine (in AFSAD) and as the assistant instructor of Pinhole Photography and Macro and Nature Photography workshops.

She participated in 2016 FIAP Nature Biennial and attended various national and international exhibitions. Her book “Photomicrography” including photos of microscopic images was published as a first in Turkey.