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Coşkun Aral

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Coşkun Aral

He embarked upon his career as a professional press photographer in 1974. He received attention from worldwide press when his photos of the brutal events during May 1st 1977 were spread via Sipa Press based in Paris. During the following years he worked as the Turkish correspondent of Sipa Press while also serving as a free-lance photographer for the Turkish News Agency and the newspapers Milliyet and Hürriyet.

His interview with the hijackers of an aircraft on October 14, 1980, being a first in the world press history, created a stir and received awards in both Turkey and abroad.

Since 1980, Aral has been working extensively in war zones, covering nearly all the wars and conflicts of the world as well as significant social tragedies like refugee crises. His photos and reportings have been published in prestigious magazines including Time, Newsweek, Paris-Match, Stern, Epoca. He is a founder and one of the six photographers of the international “Exodus: Déjà-Vu” project which aims at calling attention to the present and recent refugee crises of the world. The Project’s exhibitions have been performed in Turkey and abroad since 2016.

The news program “Messenger” which he produced and directed has been broadcast on numerous national and international TV channels. He founded IZ TV in 2006 as the first information and documentation channel of Turkey and he is currently IZ TV’s Chief Editor. In 2006 and 2007, IZ TV received Hot Bird TV awards in Europe.

For Aral, making documentaries has become a life style. He keeps making independent documentary films. There are so few places left on earth where he has not been yet. He has received many awards both as a war reporter/photographer and a documentarist.

Aside from his photo albums like “Galile’de Barış” (“Peace in Galilee”, a collaboration, 1983) and “Sözün Bittiği Yer” (“Where Words Fail”, 2000), his works are included in the book titled “War Torn” by Pantheon, New York among 31 distinguished contemporary war photographers. He compiled his memoirs of war years in 2003 in his book “Ölümün Yakasına İliştirilmiş Hayatlar” (“Lives on the Brink of Death”). In 2010 he published a cookery book of traditional recipes, the revenue of which was donated to TEV (Turkish Education Foundation.