Baybars Sağlamtimur

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Baybars Sağlamtimur

Born in 1973 in Adana/Turkey, Sağlamtimur has been involved in photography since 1988. Having graduated from Hacettepe University Biology Department in 1995, he completed his MsC in 1998 at Mersin University Faculty of Fisheries and completed his PhD in 2004 at Çukurova University Faculty of Fisheries. He received the AFIAP title in 2007; completed his Proficiency in Arts (Photography Studies) at Kocaeli University Faculty of Fine Arts in 2014.

He is currently working as a lecturer at Mersin University and he is the educational advisor for Mersin University Photography Community. He is lecturing photography classes at the Painting, Ceramic, Textile, History of Art, Architecture, Radio Television and Cinema Departments of Mersin University.

He has participated in the jury and organizing committees of many national and international photography competitions. He is a member of the Underwater Photographers and Filmmakers Society, DASK society and Kilikya Photographic Community.

His main area of interest is underwater photography.