Ali Ethem Keskin

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Ali Ethem Keskin

Ali Ethem Keskin stepped into the underwater realm watching “The Silent World” of Jacques Cousteau. In 1990s, he carried his photographic endeavors to the underwater. During that period, his photographs and articles were published in magazines including Deniz Magazin (the Marine Magazine), Mavi Dünya (the Blue World), Sualtı Dünyası (the Underwater World) and Skylife. In 2000s he moved from saline to fresh waters and started photographing lakes, rivers, springs and, finally, caves. Receiving the required trainings he became a cave diver.

Keskin carried out many thrilling projects of discovery and widened his range of experience with altitude diving and ice diving. His discoveries have been documented and published in ATLAS magazine, National Geographic Turkey and Diver Magazine.

As an acclaimed photographer with many national and international awards, Keskin has held solo exhibitions in İstanbul, Gaziantep and Kayseri. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions, taken part in juries and joined conferences. Currently he is actively engaged with documentary works and in addition to the projects he develops for Atlas and Magma magazines, he produces a documentary series named “Underwater Explorers” with Engin Aygün for İz TV on Digiturk platform. He pursues cave explorations and underwater discoveries.