2. İzmir International Photography Days

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Ozan Sağdıç (Guest Of Honour)

He was born in Balıkesir in 1934. Ozan Sağdıç had completed his primary school education in Edremit, and later continued his secondary and high school educations in İzmir Buca Secondary School and Istanbul Kabataş High School. He got acquainted with photography in 1953 when he was in last grade in high school. In 1955, he became the secretary of the “Public Photographers Association of Istanbul”, which helped him to get to know the studio photographers of his time. In 1956, he started working at the Turkish “Life” magazine as a photo journalist. He became one of the leading figures of the generation that introduced Turkey the realism trend, that started by 1930 and continued till 1950 – 1960’s, pioneered by Henri Cartier- Bresson. He was transferred to the Ankara office of the magazine by end of 1959.

So far, he had over 30 exhibitions, books of photographs, prestige albums, honored with various awards and served as jury member in many photo contests. Catalogues of his exhibitions had also been published. Ozan Sağdıç, one of the founders of the “Association of Photography and Arts”. is the one and only photographer of our country honored as a “state artist”.

Ali Alışır

Ali Alışır was born in İstanbul, in 1978. He received an art scholarship from Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts in 1996 and started to acquire training in graphic design. During his education he took courses in painting and photography and gained some experience in these disciplines. After completing his education, Alışır moved to Italy where he worked as photographer. He attended the program of photography as a graduate student in Academia Italian in Folarence. (Alışır jumped at opportunity to work with various notable artists working for renowned companies like Giorgio Armani and Ferragamo) Alışır graduated from Academia Italiana in 2006 ranking first in his class.The concept of “virtual” he has been focused since 2009 underline the heart of his works. By probing the main social questions and problems from philosophy to sociology and literature to cinema with his distinctively produced digital photographs, he’s bringing them up to agenda and also trying to lay the position of the modern individuals bare. By using the possibilities of the art of photography he made the totally new imageries came to the fore and thorough the order of them he newly created he is informing and warning us a new kind of “emptiness”.

Alışır shows us how the wild society we all are living in is dividing the subject taking it apart and the possessors of the lost souls and the fractal views of the living spaces. He still works as an digital photography artist in Italy and Turkey. Ali Alışır also qualifies as a university lecturer at department of Graphic Design of Yeditepe Fine Faculty. Alışır’s work takes part in many private, domestic and foreign collection, including the Presidential Palace of Republic of Turkey & Istanbul Museum Of Modern Art

İstvan Kerekes

With my most valuable photo Yelena, from 2010 February to 2015 July I won 166 prizes in 33 countries in 5 continents

– unique record result in the life of the Hungarian photography of all time!
the first Hungarian who received the EFIAP/platinum distinction (2012). World’s youngest photographer holder of the EFIAP/p.

I was born in 1977 in Marosvásárhely – Transylvanian area of Romania. At 10 years I live and I work in Mosonmagyaróvár – western Hungary

I am taking part regularly in national and international photo competitions and exhibitions since 2004. My pictures have been shown in more than 60 countries, on five continents, and I won over 810 prizes and awards, in international and national photo contests.

I take mainly portrait-, social life-, and nature photographs.

From 2009 I take part regularly in different national and international photo contests like jury member or like president of the jury. Photos appeared in many publications (books, magazines, catalogs, albums, newspapers, etc.)

I am member of MAFOSZ – www.mafosz.hu

My photo reports and articles reagulary appear in A Földgömb (The Globe) magazine, www.afoldgomb.hu where I am regular author
I do not have a Facebook site and I have never had one !

İzzet Keribar

Is a famous artist of photography and photojournalist born in Istanbul in 1936. Izzet Keribar graduated from Saint Michel French High School in 1953 and went to South Korea for his military service duty in 1957. He improved his personal style of technique by taking a lot of photographs in South Korea. Izzet Keribar who took up photography in 1952, states he was born for the second time photographically in 1980. He has done many photography exhibitions and slide shows at home and abroad since 1982. He often participates national and international photographic contests as juror.

The artist has won many prestigious awards. He was given the titles of AFIAP and EFIAP (excellency) by the International Photography Federation in 1985 and 1988 respectively. He was awarded the Legion d’Honneur (Knight of the Legion of Honor for his academic achievement) by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of France. Among his awards are the second place by the National Geographic Traveler and the first place in the Fuji European Press Awards.

Izzet Keribar can speak 7 languages (Turkish, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Greek). He is a member of Istanbul Photography and Cinema Amateurs Club (IFSAK) and a lecturer of photography at many organizations.

Keith Cardwell

Starting my working life in Engineering I became disillusioned and attended drawing classes … Then a Foundation in Art and went on to do a Degree in Fine Art ….@ Leeds University. Then a MA in History of western Art @ Goldsmiths College London. After graduating I taught part time in an Art Department at Ware College of Art and Design … Then the Guardian Newspaper gave me free-lance work. As time went on I worked on several newspapers and Magazines running the lectureships alongside, knowing that my impendence would help me separate both disciplines … i.e. I could make photo-essays and finance them myself, thus giving freedom from pressure to record the essay. I hold Professorships in China … having worked there for the Guardian and Savannah GA. USA .Savannah College of Art and Design. 1995-2000. I visited Cuba while a Professor in the States in 1997 and since that date have visited Cuba 47 times … For the past 10 years I have organised Photographic Workshops in Cuba … through www. cubawelcome.com Now I am working on Photography Book and completed the China. The Portfolio Book is now completed. Please view www.keithcardwellphotography.com